Wolf Moon

It occurred to me when driving home last night that the interior of my car was illuminated more than usual, so much so that I check if I had accidently left one of the car reading lights on!  Normally as I make my way along the twisting country road which eventually takes me to the hill top on which my cottage perches, the darkness is all enveloping, with only the headlights to guide my way.  With not a street light for miles and very few other properties in the vicinity of my home, I often feel very lucky that each night I can escape from the hustle and bustle of society and I gain a strange sense of comfort from the blackness which demonstrates my seclusion.

But last night the whole landscape was glowing in the brightness of a moon which staggered me with its immensity and created a rather eerie supernatural atmosphere.  And it was a full moon at that!  I don’t know about you, but when I see a full moon, especially one which generates such a spine-chilling quality, legends of werewolves spring to mind!

I’ve seen the 2002 film ‘Dog Soldiers’, which is set in the highlands of Scotland (and some of which is filmed in the Glen Affric area) and although I realise it is entirely a work of fiction, as I made the short walk from where I park my car to the front door of my cottage I felt the need to remind and reassurance myself that it was just a movie!

It turns out that the January full moon is actually referred to as the ‘Wolf Moon’ and the reason for this has nothing to do with the mythical creatures which transform from their human form when it rises (perhaps living in such an isolated location is starting to affect me!? )  The ‘Wolf Moon’ is thought to have been so named by Native American tribes who saw hungry wolf packs howling at the January moon outside their villages. Seeing as wild wolves have not been sighted in Scotland in the last 300 years it appears the only thing I really have to fear is my overactive imagination!

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