Sea eagle chicks

A cargo of 19 sea eagle chicks arrived at Edinburgh airport from Norway this weekend as part of a 30 year project to re-introduce them to Scotland.

The sea eagle plays a large part in bringing tourists to our part of Scotland, the West coast where there is now a healthy population, even though all sea eagles in the UK were raised in Fife on the East coast. Just remember if you spot one whilst driving and want to stop to get a better look, to pull into a parking area and not a passing place.

When we first moved here we had no knowledge of birds and would often look up at common buzzards assuming they were eagles. It was not until we actually saw an eagle that we realised the difference in size between the birds and what idiots we had been. You will definitely know when you see an eagle because quite simply, they are huge. No wonder then that the chicks are the size of your average Christmas turkey.

A number of operators are now running wildlife tours although sightings of the eagles can never be guaranteed. In fact, any sighting of the sea eagle can be reported to the RSPB on 01463 715000. In the mean time the RSPB website has an osprey ‘nest cam‘ complete with sound which has now made it to our ‘favourites’ links just for relaxing purposes!

One thought on “Sea eagle chicks”

  1. More eagle chicks, good news! I’ve been following the re-introduction programmes both in Scotland and here in Ireland, because I volunteer at a bird of prey centre in Co. Clare that’s involved in supporting the programmes as well, and educating people. I love the photograph, how cute.
    Thanks for the links, definitely worth a visit on my next trip to Scotland. Last year, I went on an eagle watch cruise with Ron of Mhara Mor in Oban (, didn’t see any eagles, but it was fun anyway.

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