Get here in style with the ScotRail sleeper service

Let’s be honest – Scotland is far away. Further than Birmingham and Northampton put together. And lets face it, if you have ever driven, you’ll know that it takes until Blackpool before motorways actually come into their own.

So save yourself the hassle of Little Chefs and volcanic ash by taking the train here instead. Go that step further and get the sleeper train. It leaves Euston at 10.30pm and you arrive refreshed and ready for a day of sight-seeing at 7.30am with breakfast and a newspaper thrown in. You might have to share but it will be with someone of the same sex. Bunks are specified on the ticket so there won’t be any midnight arguments about who goes on top.

The Sleeper Service operates between London Euston and Glasgow Central. Check the Bargain Berth prices to grab a bunk for as little as £19 one way. That’ll leave you with enough for a glass of wine from the on board bar before you head off to bed. Just don’t let your imagination make you get so carried away as to dress up like you’re from an Agatha Christie novel.

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